The Senior Student Art Exhibition was established at UH Hilo in 2015 by Rosella Vaughn, a UH Hilo graduate with her B.A in Art. The purpose of this exhibition is to recognize the UH Hilo senior art students for their individual growth and creative capstones. It also served as a separate exhibition from the juried student art show.  

This year, Kawelina Cruz, the exhibition coordinator, has included a community-based jurying process. The participants who voted were the UH Hilo and HawCC students, faculty, and staff, and Hilo, O’ahu, and Maui community. By the end of the jurying process, 102 voters selected two artworks for the People’s Choice Award.

Throughout this exhibition, you will see each artist’s artwork they completed while taking art classes at UH Hilo. The artworks range from paintings, drawings, digital art, photography, printmaking, papermaking, and three-dimensional art pieces.

2019 Senior Student Art Exhibition participates: Katya Hutchinson, Gisele Prescott, Abe Andl, Tiana Honda, Duchess Rapoza and Jade Kauwe.



The Student Arts Association is an Independent Student Organization that promotes activities and projects relating to the arts.


Our vision is to encourage students to get involved with the community, explore their creative outlets through volunteering, and giving them the opportunity of artistic growth through exhibitions.

Students that are interested in joining the club can contact us at